*Disclaimer: The use of our website and live consultations should not be treated as a definitive diagnosis of your particular condition. Only an actual meeting with a dentist or other health care professional can provide you with this. If you are having a true medical or dental emergency, please contact a health care professional in your area.

How It Works

The process to speak with a Board Certified Dentist is simple!

 You just need to check the Google calendar below for availability and you send us an email requesting the particular date and time to speak to one of our practitioners. We will input your information into our system and then send you a Blue Jeans video conference confirmation. Our appointments are secure and confidential.

You can video conference from your smart phone or desktop computer. The day of your appointment, go back to the Blue Jeans confirmation email and press the link to the conference; log in 5 minutes prior and have your questions ready. Please keep in mind, the dentists are real-life practicing dentists so their time is extremely limited. At this time we are limiting the appointments to 5-10 minute blocks.  Please have your questions ready to be asked. 


If you need to speak to someone regarding difficulty conferencing in, please call White Oaks Dental at 408-371-4050.

4 Easy Steps to get started

1: Check the appointment availability calendar below for an appointment time that fits your schedule.

2: Email us with your appointment request below with the date and time requested. Be sure to leave us your respond to email.

3: Await for a response email from us with your appointment confirmation. 

4: On the day of the appointment, log in 5-10 minutes early back into your email confirmation press the link to your Blue Jeans video conference. 

​Schedule your virtual consult